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Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Cabinet Doors
For a free kitchen cabinet or door quote anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), please call us at (905) 848-8509.

Kitchen Land carries one of the largest and most sought after collections of kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors in the Greater Toronto area. Custom cabinets from some of the most distinguished brands are available in all of the most elegant and striking styles.

This wonderful selection, together with Kitchen Land’s trademark custom cabinet design, manufacturing & installation expertise make this the GTA’s premier kitchen remodeling and renovation destination.

With this huge selection comes some great savings too! There are hundreds of styles to choose from including French, Classic, Modern, Vintage and more. Visit Kitchen Land to take in the many different styles of kitchen cabinetry available, but we invite you to sample three of our premium available brands here.
Top Quality Kitchen Cabinet Brands.

Luxor Collection

For almost twenty-five years, Luxor has been manufacturing some of the most desired cabinets available. Ask the owners of this St-Jerome, Quebec based company and they will tell you why: "The flexibility, the finishes and the line details make Luxor cabinetry the cabinet of choice."

The Luxor collection has pieces available in low-pressure laminate, high-pressure laminate and many species of natural and exotic woods. The custom design portfolio of their dignified cabinetry includes works in the French Country, English Country, Southern and Heritage styles.

The ever-appealing look and always-reliable quality of build makes the Luxor Collection a consistent favourite of our customers and a brand Kitchen Land is excited to make available to you. We invite you to explore examples of the beautiful work that is the Luxor Collection.

Cuisine Ideale

Since 1971, the Sherbrooke, Quebec outfit has been charting its own path. Known as a benevolent corporate entity and respected fundraiser for various charities, we see this exciting and hopeful streak blossom in their varied and often distinctive cabinetry.

Kitchen Land is thrilled to make available the intoxicating work from Cuisine Idéale. We agree with their own presentation of their cabinetry solutions – Their aim is to provide, "that personal, custom touch that separates you from the crowd. The only limit is your imagination. Storage solutions that make your life easier.”

From exquisite classic design to urban funky flavours, their cabinetry solutions fit the many different unique needs of our customers. We make available to you a sampling of the kitchen cabinets available from the Cuisine Ideale Collection .

Cuisines Laurier

Founded in 1990, Cuisines Laurier is another leading Quebec example of these exciting modern French cabinetry providers. In their own words:
"Cuisines Laurier is the proud offspring of mixed ancestry, rich in knowledge and innovation. Each cabinet at Cuisines Laurier reflects its heritage; each one abounds in tradition.”

We couldn’t agree more. The variety of Cuisines Laurier cabinet doors available at Kitchen Land offer something for all discerning tastes. From the ornately beveled Mitre Doors to the bold simplicity of their Slab Doors, the designs we carry from this cherished design operation is truly something to behold.

Please take some time to examine some of our fine examples of the beautiful kitchen cabinetry by Cuisines Lauriers.

Talora by Décor

Established in 1977 in Manitoba, The Décor Cabinets Company’s concept was ‘to create cabinets customers would enjoy and be able to create a lifetime of warm family memories against a backdrop of cabinetry that reflects their values and lifestyle’.
Their Talora Cabinets offer a wide selection of door styles to suit every taste. Cabinet styles range from traditional to modern and can be constructed from 11 types of wood with over 140 different finishes – from glazing and furniture finishing to other finishes as distressing, stainless steel inserts and linen textures.
Décor’s concept and commitment to family and encompassing family values and lifestyles hold dear to those of Kitchen Land and make them a fine fit worthy of Kitchen Land’s customers.
Come view some Talora by Décor selections with us.

Purewood Inc.

Purewood Inc. entered the wood manufacturing business in 1987 with the vision of producing quality products for high-volume markets and custom order requests. Two of their main product lines are cabinet doors and kitchen cabinet components.
Each of the 25 kitchen cabinet door styles is offered in seven solid colours and ten woodgrains. Cabinets come in white plus seven woodgrain colours.
With matching woodgrain interiors and exteriors, glass door cabinets and finished gable ends - these cabinets set the standards for quality and appearance.
Always striving to provide our consumers with quality products Kitchen Land now offers you this added option and the opportunity to browse the Purewood Inc. collection.